Since 2007, ABEL RIBALLO works as producer - very successfully. His projects, each of them with its different House style, all show the many talents of this extraordinary artist – but they are all the same in one thing: his sound always is something special. Acting, always with passion, as DJ and producer, shows that this is what he is meant to do!



Alessandro Bacci (34), aka Alex Kenji, is an internationally renowned and respected DJ/producer with over 10 years experience of producing, DJ’ing, and performing. As well as ‘Alex Kenji’, he has released records under host of pseudonymsincluding: Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, Itchy Bit and many others.



Some people find art in various forms, through infinite mediums. Others, are bound to the creative wisdom passed down from their roots. Chris Dezz has consumed both of these attributes while expelling all imaginary boundaries.



DJ Darrell Foxx, DJ/Producer and a founding member of Casa Del Soul has been a staple of the dance music community in Denver Miami and Chicago for over two decades.



Eddie enjoys to be part of the music scene and he has been around since 1993 in his hometown Guayaquil.  Eddie has played in some of the most recognizable  clubs in Miami such as Nocturnal, Electric Pickle, Mekka and held a residency at Suite B in Orlando.



We welcome EmeKa, to our family. This talented dj/producer makes the dance floor roar with his unique tech house style. Follow his journey right here on



Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Patrick M’s name has become synonymous with the Miami music scene. Patrick has made a name for himself reaching different audiences and demographics across the globe through his ingenious beats, original productions and charismatic performances.



Techno producer and UNT Records label boss John Norman is increasingly renowned around the globe, “pumping his definition of powerful sound with the precision of a TB-303 into the world, making this little metropolis Winnipeg a new landmark on the worldwide map of techno” (Mixmag).



After a fair amount of #1 hits and over 20 Top 10 hits on the worlds biggest online stores as well as numerous amazing gigs in and at the world’s greatest clubs, events and festivals, Koen Groeneveld became one of the most in demand DJ’s, producers and remixers in the Techno and Tech House orientated dance music scene over the past 8 years.



An international DJ in his own right Luigi has managed to forge a successful career circumnavigating the world performing at some of the planets most renowned and best-loved parties, where his unrivalled dexterity behind the CDJs has led to repeat bookings throughout Europe, North and South America.